Marel Service

MAREL Service is a marine electrical/automation engineering company. We have over 25 years of experience in dealing with all sorts of problems, connected to the marine engine room automation systems, including:

  • -Main and auxiliary engines automation
  • -Power generation and management systems (incl. Deif, Selco, etc.)
  • -Circuit breakers (incl. ABB, Terasaki, Schneider, Moeller, Apena)
  • -…And many more

Retrofit and special purpose projects

Our company specializes in projects, aimed to solve specific problems of our customers. Skills and experience of our team makes us experts in dedicated and non-typical projects, that we are able to undertake in a complex way-from design to installation and commissioning.

Electrical installations

MAREL Service company hires a team of experienced electrical engineers. High flexibility allows us to take part in various types of projects, regardless scale-from short, couple-days  jobs, that require fast reaction time, to projects as big as installation of scrubber systems with over 11 km of signal and power-transmitting wires with 30 workers onboard.

Power generation and management

One of our main specialties is solving problems connected to power generation and management systems. Our experience and long-term relations with manufacturers of voltage regulators and synchronization/protection equipment gives us the ability to solve any problem, caused by faulty work of engine, generator, AVR, circuit breakers or synchronization device.

Circuit breakers

We are equipped with dedicated testers, as well as a set of custom-made equipment, that allow us to perform tests and protocols (for commissioning purpose) of the protection devices installed on most of the low-voltage circuit breakers installed in main switchboards.

Repairs of electronic equipment

As a company, that hires the best electrical engineers-a big field of our activity is repairs of faulty electronic equipment. Using reverse engineering techniques we are able to repair all sorts of electronic devices, regardless its purpose, often even without the knowledge of the original manufacturer’s documentation.

Our advantages


Group of highly skilled engineers, able to perform services all over the globe


Ability to tackle critical problems onboard


Super short time of reaction, ability to work under strong time pressure


24/7 support


Free hotline and e-mail support


Scalability: from small repairs to big scale projects

Marine industry

Service of marine automation devices
Repair of electronic devices
Design and modification of marine automation systems
Design and assembly of electrical automation switchboards
Installation of electrical installations on land and sea
Repair, maintenance and tests of air circuit breakers:

  • Schneider Electric circuit breaker protection
  • ABB circuit breaker protection
  • EATON circuit breaker protection
  • Siemens circuit breaker protection
  • Terasaki circuit breaker protection
  • Klockner-Moeller circuit breaker protection

Emri automatic voltage regulators
Deckma oil-in-water meters

Electrical installations

Cable installation
Cable trays assembly
Connecting and commisioning
Desgin and assembly of electrical switchboards