Marathon DVR2000 E+

General Details
Marathon DVR2000 E+ voltage regulator

Replaces Marathon DVR2000 voltage regulator (out of production).

The DVR2000E is an electronic, solid state, microprocessor-based control device. The DVR2000E regulates the output of brushless, AC generators by controlling the current into the generator exciter field. Input power to the DVR2000E is a multi-pole, high frequency, permanent magnet generator (PMG).

Three regulation modes:
• Single phase automatic voltage regulation (AVR1) • Three phase automatic voltage regulation (AVR3)
• Field current regulation (FCR). The DVR®2000EC+ adds two regulation modes:
• Reactive power regulation (VAR) • Power factor regulation (PF

The DVR® has the following features:
• Preset stability settings based on generator
frame size
• Adjustable soft start in AVR1 or AVR3 regulation modes
• Under frequency (Volts/Hertz) regulation
• True RMS Three-phase or single-phase generator voltage sensing
• True RMS Three-phase or single-phase generator current sensing (optional CT’s required)
• True RMS three-phase power metering (optional CT’s required)
• Field current sensing • Field voltage monitoring
• Contact inputs for system interface capability
• Contact output for fault indication
• Generator paralleling with reactive droop compensation
and reactive differential compensation
• Front-panel human-machine interface (HMI) for status and configuration
• MODBUS protocol via RS232 for external communication (Enhanced)
• DVRPortal™ Windows®-based software for
configuration and monitoring (Enhanced)
• CAN interface with CAN 2.0B J1939 protocol for metering and control (Enhanced)
• “Power on” LED indicator
• Configurable auxiliary input for metering and control (Enhanced)
• Simulated reactive power for droop set-up (New)
• Generator power limiting mode (New)

Technical Details
  • Wymiary: 276 x 136 x 50
  • Waga: 850g
  • AC/DC: AC
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