General Details
The Oil Contamination Alarm type OILCAP 158 measures capacitance between its rod and the walls of the water tank where it is installed. Lower capacitance indicates a higher concentration of oil in the water. The OILCAP 158 has an adjustable alarm limit, and when the capacitance falls under the set value (the oil concentration rises), a relay with opening & closing contacts is activated with a 1 sec delay. When the capacitance again rises above the set value (the oil concentration falls), the relay is deactivated after a delay which is adjustable from 0 to 30 sec in steps of 2 sec. The OILCAP 158 is also equipped with an alarm relay to indicate power failure.
Technical Details
  • Power supply 100 VAC … 230 VAC
  • Relay NC & NO outputs for high oil concentration
  • Alarm delay 1 sec
  • Alarm reset delay adjustable 0 – 30 sec
  • Simple 15 step alarm level and delay setting with DIP switches
  • Relay output for power failure alarm
  • LED indication of measured level, alarm limit, delay setting, and relay status
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