Novarka (Pripyat, ex Chernobyl nuclear power plant)

  • Installation of a new safe confinment over the old reactor. The investment was funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Design goals:
    • Convert the destroyed ChNPP reactor 4 into an environmentally safe system
    • Reduce corrosion and weathering of the existing shelter and the reactor 4 building
    • Mitigate the consequences of a potential collapse of either the existing shelter or the reactor 4 building, particullary in terms of confining the radioactive dust that would be produced by such a collapse
    • Enable safe demolition of unstable structures (such as the roof of the existing shelter) by providing remotely operated equipment for their demolition
    • Qualify as a nuclear entombment device
  • The biggest moving construction in the world
  • Electrical switchboards installation
  • Ventilation system
    • Connection of ventilators
    • Installation and Connection of Sensors
  • Cable trays assembly
  • Installation and connection of cables