DECCA ISIS 100/200 alarm event recorder rebuild

MAER-Marel Alarm Event Recorder developed by the Marel Serwis company

Decca Isis 100 and Decca Isis 200 are both marine power plant monitoring systems. They consist of control panels, electronic circuits, as well as the monitoring, signalling and recording alarm events of all kind. These recording systems are the ones most exposed to wear and tear, because they are mostly wheel printers, which are purely mechanical devices.

After a long time of operating most of these recorders have practically worn out. It was reasonable to exchange them for new ones, but both printers and electronic parts of the system- are non-typical elements. It is impossible to buy or order them in any store or factory developing similar kind of devices. Polish Steamchip Company has asked MAREL SERWIS company to develop an alarm state recorder, which could replace old, useless modules.

The original DECCA modules and MAREL MAER size comparison
Alarm event recorder panel

Our engineers have faced a challenge of developing a project of an alarm event recording system, compatible with DECCA ISIS 100 and DECCA ISIS 200. The task wasn’t easy, because the new system had to be as reliable and long-lived as the original.

DECCA ISIS alarm event recorder

To fulfill these expectations a programmable microcontroller has been implemented due to which the size of the whole device had been decreased several times. Using a microcontroller has also given a possibility of system modifications with no need of making changes in its physical part and simplified the whole circuit, which had a result in decreasing its failure frequency.

As a result MAREL Service had developed an alarm state recording system from scratch. It is ready to implement on all vessels, which use DECCA ISIS 100/200. And as far as reliability goes our system has far surpassed the manufacturer’s.