Programmable relay for the INCOFON signalling device – development and implementation

The INCOFON signalling device’s task is to send acoustic and light signals during the ship’s cruise in order to inform about course direction change, sending Morse-alphabet coded messages or warning signals in case of limited visibility. These signs may be sent manually or automatically, in accordance with one of few predefined schemes. INCOFON, or its’ equivalent is present in nearly every ship sailing in the world.

Incofon's electronic scheme

The device has been made in a way, that allows the user to program some predefined, frequently used, or especially important sequences (like ‘SOS’ for instance) and activate them by pressing a single button. Responsible for this function is the SMUN-1 module. This part of the system is based on cams and switches, similar to those mostly found in old automatic washing mashines. This part of the system, which is 100% mechanical, after long years of constant usage has literally worn out. It appeared necessary to replace it with a new one. MAREL SERWIS company has come to the conclusion that it would be pointless to copy the old SMUN-1 module due to it’s mechanical nature, which has an effect on a device’s limited lifetime.

Programmable relay for the INCOFON signalling device, developed by the MAREL SERWIS company

Our engineers have developed a project of a whole new structure, that would replace the SMUN-1module. In place of the cams a programmable microcontroller has been used. Contactors were replaced by a module consisting of four relays.

As a result MAREL SERWIS company has created a completely new module, far more reliable than the original one, which has an effect in upgrading a solution, which is still commonly used on many ships.