Shore supply system

Due to the newest “Green Ports” regulation, which has been approved by the Swedish officials, the Ystad port authorities has build the infrastructure, that allowed all the ships stopping in the harbor to be powered from the offshore.


MAREL Serwis company was responsible for design and implementation of the most vital part of the system (switching and synchronising shore and ship power sources) on three ferries, which belong to the Unity Line shipowner.

Our company was chosen to develop this project, despite facing a strong competition from bigger, international players, not only because of the significantly lower price, but also thanks to our great flexibility and experience in developing unconventional, dedicated solutions.

HMI control module

In result-MAREL Serwis company has created a system, based on a PLC, along with a dedicated software, taking care of switching between the sources and synchronisation. MAREL Company was also responsible for installing the right security systems, redeveloping fields in the main switchboard and connecting the system to the medium voltage switchboard, installed on the ship’s side. Cooperating with other companies (responsible for other parts-communication with the shore network and certification of the medium voltage installation) we were able to create a well-working system, which is being used for several months now.