Preparing a test facility for the Marine Academy “Green Energy” project

During years 2013-2014 the Maritime University in Szczecin has undertaken a research project called “Green Energy”. The goal was to study and improve the quality of the recoverable energy sources. It is the first such laboratory in Poland and one of the few in whole Europe. The project stands out of the similar undertakings due to the effort of coupling  various power engineering systems, especially generators, and studying  their mutual interaction on the produced energy.


Laboratory was equipped with simulators and measuring devices that allow  to study the effects of combining generators of different kinds (for  example a parallel operation of the diesel generators and air turbines in  one power network). Marel Serwis company was  in charge of creating the key component of the system, responsible for synchronisation and parallel operation of fully-adjustable generators.

rozdzielnica volvo
rozdzielnica front

Thanks to a large experience in developing projects, connected to marine power management MAREL company was able to design an innovative automatic synchronisation system, with virtually unlimited modification possibilities for the scientists and laboratory workers.

HMI module